We are very lucky to be living in a time when the original, ancient teachings of the Buddha is still available to us. The teachings of Buddhism is clear and straightforward and bring immediate happiness into our lives. The Buddha explained that there are four steps that we need to follow in order to achieve the goal of true happiness:

  1. We need to associate with good people who know the teachings of the Buddha and who are trying to follow them.
  2. We need to listen carefully to those teachings.
  3. We need to reflect wisely on those teachings and apply them to our lives.
  4. And finally we need to put those teachings into practice and lead our life according to their instructions. ​(SN 55:5)

Our Mahamevnawa Monastery provides you the opportunity, facility and set the atmosphere the learn these teachings.

We organize sessions in Sinhala medium on every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Our Monastery does provide sessions in English medium. Please contact the monastery to arrange this.