While you are here, you will see people bowing to the Buddha statue and to the monks. Bowing to people we respect is an ancient practice all around the world. Don’t feel any pressure to bow if you are not comfortable doing so. People bow in all kinds of different ways, so no need to try and get it right

We are a family friendly place. While there are some activities specifically for young people, parents can decide what other events are suitable for their children.

Currently our monastery and meditation center is located in a private house, so we ask that you call to make an appointment to visit outside of scheduled program times. Call us at 0044 1744 345523 or send us an email.

Absolutely. We have lots of different things to sit on. We have chairs, cushions, and stools. If you have something you like to sit on, feel free to bring it with you to any of our activities.

No worries! You’ll feel at home soon. Interested in our retreat? Find out what to expect at a retreat.

We know that it can be a little intimidating to visit a meditation centre or monastery for the first time. We do everything we can to make you feel welcome and comfortable. We hope that this will help you get the greatest benefit out of your time here. If you have questions about specific activities, check out the details on our website and never hesitate to contact us. We are really happy to answer your question.

Absolutely. That’s why we are here. Anyone interested in learning is welcome. No need to join. No need to register.

After his enlightenment Buddha travelled in all around world in search of people whom must be rescued by preaching his Dhamma without hoping anything back not only money but also even a drop of water. It was completely out of compassion as he was most compassionate one who was free from all defilement’s of mind connected with craving. So as the disciples we do the same. Therefore our all the meetings, classes, programs are free of charge.

There’s no dress code, although we recommend modest clothing for both men and women. Some people that come, like to wear white. Some people just wear jeans and a hoodie. This is UK, after all. All we ask is that you remove your shoes outside unless you need them for medical reasons.

It is mentioned in Mettanisansa Sutta in Anguttara Nikaya that the loving-kindness meditation has eleven auspicious outcomes. They are, having a good sleep, waking up well, dreaming no nightmares, becoming pleasant for humans, prevention of harms by demons, protection of deities, life without any harms from fire, poison, or weapons, attainment of mind concentration quickly when meditating, a beautiful face, a good death without losing the mind, a birth in a world of higher-level beings called ‘Babhalowa’ if the Nibbana was not realized in this life.

The meaning of the word meditation is the development. It is the development of mind and wisdom. Generally, a normal person’s mind gets obstructed by defilement’s called Pancha Niewarana from the truth unendingly. A mind which is blocked in this way is an undeveloped one. It is not strong. Also, it cannot realise the truths of the world. This kind of mind is not concentrated or open to the truth. Therefore, a mind is first strengthened by meditation making it to be focused and strong, so it becomes suitable to develop the wisdom. Afterword, it will navigate the ascetic towards Nibbana until he realises it

Sinhala is one of the languages spoken in Sri Lanka. A few of our programs are conducted in Sinhala. These are clearly marked.

Pali is the ancient language that our scriptures were originally written in. We usually do chanting in Pali and English for the English programs so people can understand what is being chanted.

The monks are ordained and trained in the ancient Theravada Buddhist tradition. You can recognize them as they wear robes and shave their heads. The only thing you really need to know about interacting with them is that they don’t shake hands or hug. You can greet them with a smile or by placing your palms together in front of your chest. They are available to answer any questions you have about meditation or Buddhism.
Now people in St. Helens and around with all backgrounds have the opportunity to benefit from interacting daily with fully ordained Theravada Buddhist monks.

Not at all. Our activities are free and open to curious people of all backgrounds. If you would like to get more involved, there are lots of opportunities