Meditate with a Monk

Started on 28/05/2023Every Thursday from 19.30 pm to 20.30 pm

When: Every Thursday
Time: 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Cost: free
Language: English
Where: Mahamevnawa Meditation Centre UK
10 Coronation Dr, Widnes WA8 8AY

No need to register

This is a great opportunity to have a peaceful mind after being tired of work throughout the week! Meditation will help you to overcome depression and anxiety. Through the Buddha’s teachings, you will learn how to be peaceful and calm even in difficult situations in your life.

We will cover:

      • Meditation posture
      • Why we meditate
      • The problems that happen in our meditation and how to overcome them
      • Breathing meditation
      • Loving-kindness meditation
      • Meditation on the parts of the body and the elements
      • Walking meditation and more…

You will get the chance to meditate with a monk trained in the Theravada tradition. You will get the instruction and guidance for every meditation that is practised in the class. This guidance will help you to practise meditation independently. The small booklets will be provided for all the types of meditation. This program is suitable for all levels of experience. All are welcome. No need to register.

Approximate schedule:

7.30 pm – 7.40 pm – Introduction of Meditation
7.40 pm – 8.00 pm – Guided Meditation
8.00 pm – 8.05 pm – Discussion
8.05 pm – 8.25 pm – Silent Meditation
8.25 pm – 8.30 pm – Q and A and End of Program