Buddhism for Happiness

Started on 22/05/2023Every Monday from 19.30 pm to 20.30 pm

This class is designed for everyone to understand Buddhist concepts. Understanding Buddhist concepts will help you to face today’s challenges effectively. This knowledge will help to develop your mindfulness and stay focused even in difficult moments of life. You will be prepared to work more effectively in your working places, schools and universities. Understanding the superior knowledge of the Buddha will help to resolve problems with the mind of Loving Kindness, develop critical thinking, and resolve problems effectively. Deep concepts of Buddhism such as the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, Five Hindrances, Five aggregates of clinging, and Dependent Origination will be taught in the class. You will develop your knowledge to understand Suttas by yourself.

This program is excellent for high school and university students. Also, the program will be helpful for students to reduce and eradicate their stress, depression, and anxiety. Students can learn techniques from Buddhism to improve the efficiency of the mind by developing mindfulness. Hence you will learn how to do many things in a small period of time.

Because this class is more interactive, you will get the opportunity to ask questions. You can learn how to resolve day-to-day difficulties with the Buddha’s wisdom.

​The class will be taught by a monk trained in the Theravada Buddhist tradition.​

Approximate schedule:

7.30 pm – 8.15 pm – Buddhist concepts and Sutta study
8.15 pm – 8.30 pm – Q & A, Solving real-life scenarios and the end of the program