Started on 14/05/2017Every 1st Sundays of the month, From 8.20 am to 11.15 am

Children are a special and valuable segment of our society. They will be future leaders and are the ones who will bear the responsibilities of this society. Therefore, it is imperative that parents nurture their children with virtues from a young age, so that, they will have a worthy and righteous foundation.

It is with the noble intention of cultivating remarkable values among our children the Mahamewnawa England has initiated the Sunday Dhamma School. Supreme Lord Buddha, our greatest teacher, spread infinite kindness to children and showed the path for becoming virtuous human beings. It is this stream of teaching that we share with children of the Sunday School and we warmly welcome those at any age group to join.

With the kind guidance of the venerable theros, children can participate through zoom technology weekly and come in-person to nearest Asapuwa once a month. During these sessions, children could learn many important element like Dhamma, Pirith, Meditation, Good practices and Buddhist ways of living, etc in both Sinhala and English media. Since the language is an invaluable part of a culture, the Sinhala language is also taught from scratch. These online and in-person sessions are delivered by experts in the field in highly interactive and interesting manner to appeal to children by considering their delicate states of mind.

We are always happy to welcome parents to join in and listen

All of our activities are free and open to the public. People of all backgrounds are welcome.