Lets build our Monastery


After the purchase of the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery in Northern England, the construction work has now begun to make this a place for anyone to learn and practice the teachings of the Buddha.

You have been fortunate enough to take part in this magnificent pinnacle by taking full or part ownership for the work required in the following sections.

Please contact us on 0748 668 7666 or mahamevnawamc.uk@gmail.com to register your contribution.

Meditation Hall

Areas where work requiredEstimate material cost (£)Availability
Underfloor Heating£3000Reserved
Plastering Reserved
Sound System £800Reserved

Ground Floor

Areas where work requiredEstimate material cost (£)Availability
Conservatory Reserved
Window Glasses£500Reserved
Dana Shalawa Available
Plumbing £10,000Available
Kitchen Reserved
Washer/Dryer Reserved
Cooker  Available
Fridge  Reserved
Monk’s Kuty 04 £500 Reserved
Monk’s Kuty 05 £500 Reserved
Monk’s Bathroom 03 Reserved
Devotees Library Available
Devotees Toilet 01£400Reserved
Devotees Toilet 02£400Available
Devotees Toilet 03£400Available
Devotees Toilet 04£400Available
Devotees Toilet 05£400Available
Disable Toilet / Shower Room£ 400Available
Baby changing unit£150 Available

First Floor

Areas where work requiredEstimate material cost (£)Availability
Carpets £400Reserved
Monk’s Kuty 01£500Reserved
Monk’s Kuty 02£500Reserved
Monk’s Kuty 03£500Reserved
Monk’s LibraryReserved
Monk’s Bathroom 01 Reserved
Monk’s Bathroom 02 Reserved

Other Indoor Items

Areas where work required Estimate material cost (£) Availability
Painting Reserved
Security Alarm System Repair Available
Indoor Lighting Available

Car Park & Outdoor

Areas where work requiredEstimate material cost (£)Availability
CCTV Camera Reserved
Outdoor Lighting Reserved
Plot 01£300Available
Plot 02£300Available
Plot 03£300Available
Plot 04£300Available
Plot 05£300Available
Plot 06£300Available
Plot 07£300Available
Plot 08£300Available
Plot 09£300Available
Plot 10£300Available
Plot 11£300Available
Plot 12£300Available
Plot 13£300Available
Plot 14£300Available
Plot 15£300Available
Plot 16£300Available
Plot 17£300Available
Plot 18£300Available
Plot 19£300Available
Plot 20£300Available
Plot 21£300Available
Bicycle Shed Available
Fence Repair Available
Refuse Storage£200 Available
Skip Hire£120 per Skip Available


Thank you for your generosity. May the triple gems bless you.